Terpenes Can Influence Behavior Quite Strongly

Here are some of the highlights of results that various Ning scents have demonstrated:

ZAPPETITE - Studies show an average decrease of 33.61 lbs. in 6 months of daily use.

BURN - 64% effective with an average of 28% more calories burned daily.

CHILL - 78% of people experienced less tension and more relaxation.

HAPPY - 69% effective with the average person feeling significantly happier than prior to use.

FOCUS - 69% of users improved in a task of mental acuity after use.

ENERGY - 63% effective with a 2.3-1 approval rate versus energy drinks.

EVE - 92% of women felt the product produced a significant arousal effect within minutes.

ADAM - 39% of men experience significantly more penile blood flow on average.

PAIN - 62% effective with an average pain scale drop of 4.3 of 10 total units. 

IMMUNE - 54% believed they had less colds and respiratory infections.

NO SMOKE - 73% of smokers discontinued use of nicotine within one week of use.

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