Naturally Produced Terpenes by Super Active™ Ensures Pure Quality

Most terpenes are extracted from plants; however, some terpenes can be extracted from other sources such as insects.  The quality of a terpene depends on the seed genetics of the plant, environmental factors such as soil composition, water availability, shade, etc., and the care and type of extraction employed. 

Given, terpenes are so fragile, if you want the best terpenes in your product, you should not rely on experienced olfaction scientists with detailed knowledge and practical experience to formulate the most efficacious terpene infused products.

The best, most state-of-the-art terpenes do not come from overseas, but are grown in the USA from gene and enzyme activated yeast using new, proprietary biomedical technologies.  These terpenes are certified organic, non-GMO and FDA GRAS listed (the ultimate safety rating).  They are also 100 percent pure as no environmental toxins, impurities, etc. of any kind could reach the terpenes through soil, water, etc. and no solvents are used as they are not extracted.  Another huge positive effect to these “perfectly natural®” terpenes is an environmental one as no plants, trees or flowers are destroyed to produce the terpenes.  

Super Active Terpenes™ has the leading production technology for making terpenes, carotenoids, and cannabinoids from yeast.  The Ning™ is powered by Super Active™ terpenes where applicable.

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