Is There Only One Promininent Terpene Per Plant Name?

No, not even close.  Perhaps you have heard that mint was a great aid for digestion or that it could suppress appetite.  If you kept reading, you would see that mint could do quite a lot leading some people to believe mint is a wonder plant and others to believe people writing about mint were wacky.  Well, mint is not mint is not mint.  In other words, mint technically known as Lamiaceae has 7,136 known different species – far more than you might think if you consider peppermint and spearmint.  Other well-known plants like Rosemary are part of the mint family.  Each of those 7,136 different mint plants have different terpene profiles which create far different effects, medicinally, flavor wise and scent wise.  The best way to think about this is that it is not mint creating the specified effects but rather the specific terpenes in a individual mint species that creates those effects.  Knowing many of the nuances of the mint family terpenes, scientists can then create appetite suppression effects using one type of terpenes and focus/attention effects using another.  Fascinating, right?

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