Are There Better Ways to Produce Terpenes Than By Simple Extraction?

Yes, extraction techniques have their limitations in that terpenes are destroyed by many heat, pressure, or chemical extraction techniques.  As a result, extractions can only be done using slower, more expensive extraction methods.  A second huge negative with current manufacturing techniques if that they are often not ecological friendly.  Take for example the highly medically relevant terpene paclitaxel which is the basis for the potent anticancer drug Taxol.  Paclitaxel can only be found in nature in mature Pacific Yew trees.  The problem is that to manufacture enough Taxol for use by cancer patients in the US alone, over 3 million mature Yew trees would need to be sacrificed a year.  Add to that the fact that seasonal and geographical variables can affect the final quality of the terpene and you can readily see the need for biotechnical innovation in the production of terpenes.  The owners of The Ning Life and The Ning are partners in Super Active Terpenes to create a new ultra-pure line of terpenes derived from gene enhanced yeast.  The result is 100 percent pure terpenes in a cost-effective environment that does not sacrifice any of the planet’s important ecological resources.

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